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     Foodstuffs , Meats, Fruits, Vegetables Sterilizers 

Ultrasonic Fruits and Vegetables Detoxification (Ultrasonic&0zone)



It is a green environmental protection detoxification machine. It uses the electronic manner to produce ultrasonic and OSO (Ozone Super Oxidant). The gas set discharge OSO into water. Ultrasonic produce 40Khz mechanical vibrate and the cavitations, it greatly increase the OSO solubility in the water, the important is ultrasonic provides the necessary energy of substance reaction, UOSO has the effect of decompose pesticides, farm chemicals and sterilization to the fruits and vegetables, meat and other items which immerge in the water; As the same time, the machine produces plasma to process the material on the molecule restore. It completely solved the peopleí»s demand of the detoxification and health care. The hypostasis of fruits and vegetables are intact, it will not as damage as the electrical machinery revolved to cause nutrient loss.


Its advantages for making the whole family healthier are as following:

1. Decompose residual pesticides of fruits and vegetables, eliminate the food surface antiseptic and various virus and bacterium. True edible to non-environmental damage green fruits and vegetables

2. Remove hormones of fish, meat, seafood, kill the microorganisms as bacterium, virus and fungus, to prevent family food poisoning and ameliorate childrení»s í░neotenyí▒ phenomenon.

3. Eliminate the deleterious substance such as aflatoxin, bacterium of the rice, legumes, peanut. Causes the rice tastes better, more fragrant.

4. High-effective to kill microorganisms such as bacterium, virus and fungus in water, disinfect to table-water for prevent the intestinal tract diseases diffuse.

5. Sterilize tableware, tea set, the childrení»s toy, the milk bottle and various daily necessities, kill the bacteria and virus effectively. Ensure clean, health and no secondary pollution.

6. Disinfects room can be achieved without the dead angle, keep indoor air clean and prevent infectious disease, makes the air fresh like forest.

7. The treated water could drive bacteria, heavy metals, organic matter out the water so that make water decolorize ,increase the oxygen, more clear, but also regulate the human body immunity, improve all kinds of chronic diseases.

8. Often use the treated water can cure dead skin, whitening, speckle, blain, prevent and treat skin diseases and fungal infections.

9. Jewelry, glasses and other items processed by ultrasonic can change its gloss. Remove the dirt which difficult to cleans in the slit, keep articles durable clear.


Technical Parameters:

Maximal Volume: 16L

OSO Content (super-oxidation): íŢ600mg/h 

Activated Oxygen working power consumption: í▄20w

Ultrasonic Frequency: 40Khz

Voltage: AC220V 50Hz , 110V 60HZ

Exterior Dimensions (L*W*H): 425X340X350mm

Gross Weight: 5.5kg


The product information will probably be updated without notice, if that happens, please refer to the latest technical material.

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