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     Chinese Powder Medicine Drying Sterilizers    DF Mechanized Door Pulsant Vacuum Sterilizers For Chinese Powder Medicine 
XG1.DFT-3.0BMechanized Door Drying Pulse Vacuum Sterilizer For Powder Chinese Medicine(Single Door)

Chinese powder medicine drying
Type£ºXG1.DFT-3.0BMechanized door drying pulse vacuum sterilizer for powder Chinese medicine(Single Door)
Made Department£ºDisinfection and sterilization equipment branch
Overall Dimensions£º
Net Weight£º
Product Introduction XG1.DF(UF)Series Auto control Powder Dry Vacuum Sterilizer is specially designed to sterilize Chinese traditional medicine powder, grain or medicinal materials with steam. The experiences over several decades of Xinhua designing and producing sterilizers being adsorbed in, it is designed, manufactured and tested according with ISO 9001 quality system standards. The advantages of Pure Steam Pulse Vacuum Sterilizer such as safe, high efficiency, low energy consumption, environmental protection are adsorbed while in order to be in accordance with the variety and complexity of Chinese traditional medicine, with both its specialty and multifunction.
¡öBased on the principal and characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, the configuration of XG1.DF(UF)Series Auto control Powder Dry Vacuum Sterilizer is perfect, 7 programs such as powder, troche, grain, medicinal material, vacuum, bottom gas discharge, and dry are available to meet the customer demands.
¡öPowder Program: It is suitable to be used in the sterilizing of fine powder or other material that there are high requirements on drying.
¡öTroche Program: It is suitable to be used in the sterilizing of powder or other material that with low requirements on moisture.
¡öGrain program: It is suitable to be used in the sterilizing of medicine material with large grain.
¡öMaterial program: It is suitable to be used in the sterilizing of original medicine material.
¡öVacuum program: It is suitable to be used in the sterilizing of instrument, sterile utensil, sterile clothes, and dressings.
¡öDrying program: With an easy drying box function.
¡öBottom gas discharge program: It is suitable to be used in the sterilizing of pharmaceutical liquids (Culture base) and hospital liquids.
Performance characteristic¡öThe main body is a rectangular structure with an interlayer, there is a strict quality and safety standards for its manufacture.¡öSafe, reliable and easy operating motor door¡öO-shape silicon rubber door gasket with high temperature resistance, durable¡öMeeting all the requirements of GMP and FDA standards of USA, advanced process has been used which guarantees the sterilizing quality.¡öTouch screen is used as the interface, which makes the operation easier, and the sterilizing process intuitionistic.¡öSpecial configuration of the pipeline and procedure minimizing condensate water and making the dry effect perfect.¡öSpecially made air filter (respirator) with a filtrating precision of o.22 ¦Ìm can avoid the bacterium infection from air..¡öAll the parts being provided by famous companies in the world, performance without failure over long time ensured.¡öFine outlook and wonderful working environment for the user.


Configuration: ¡öThe inner shell and door board are made of 304 stainless steel and polished. ¡öSlopy pneumatic valve from GEMU, Germany ¡öStainless SMC steel electromagnetic valve from Japan ¡öGermany nash_elmo Vaccum Pump with qualified performance and low noise. ¡öSpecial control system ¡öThe tiny printer records date and parameters in the course of sterilization ¡öSWEP plate-style heat exchanger ¡öSanitary air and steam filter ¡öPolished sanitary stainless steel pipelines

Installation requirement:
¡öSteam Source Pressure£º0.3¡«0.5Mpa
¡öWater Source Pressure£º0.15¡«0.3Mpa
¡öCompressed Air Source Pressure£º0.5¡«0.7Mpa
The product information will probably be updated without notice, if that happens, please refer to the latest technical material.

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