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     Tabletop Steam Autoclaves    16L 

MJQ Series Autoclave

Main Properties:
Full-automatic PC controlling system, 6 procedure sterilizing setting, available for different instruments.
Special vacuum pump can make the pre-vacuum and multi-pulse vacuum drying function, the vacuum degree can reach ?0.80Bar.
Temperature, pressure and time are displayed dynamically and digitally, with LED sterilizing cycle indicator, the complete course is clear.
High precise pressure transmitter system controls precisely and indicates the vacuum degree really.
Multi-safety protection and failure display system makes you free from trouble.
Pre-heating option makes the procedure more quick.

High precise electro magnetic valve makes a stable running function.
16L/23L can be selected for the same function.
Outer-connected mini printer as your option for recording the sterilizing complete course.
Technical data:
Chamber dimension(L x D): 378 x 240mm/440 x 260 mm
Clean water tank: 2.6L/3L
Sewage water tank: 2.6L/3L
Outer dimension(L x W x H): 580 x 445 x 375mm/650 x 510 x 410 mm
N.W.: 40KG/64KG
Voltage: 220V AC 50HZ
Power: 1600W/1800W
Sterilizing procedure: 6 pre-setting procedure(normal use), 1 self-setting procedure(special)
Procedure Sterilizing temperature Sterilizing time Type Available instruments
1 134ˇăC 4min fast No-package instruments
2 134ˇăC 4min normal Packed instruments
3 134ˇăC 10min long Hollow instruments & dressing
4 121ˇăC 20min fast No-package instruments
5 121ˇăC 20min normal Packed instruments
6 121ˇăC 30min long Packed hollow instruments & dressing & tube lines
7 Self-setting Self-setting personality Special instruments
The product information will probably be updated without notice, if that happens, please refer to the latest technical material.

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