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     Tabletop Steam Autoclaves    20L 



PC control, smart failure self-diagnosis system.
Inside there is a pump-style vacuum system with a highest pump ability, which can pump the air and liquid in the handpiece strongly and quickly, and can reduce the oxidizing process of the instrument and extend its using life.
Pump out all air in 2 minutes.
Infusion in the condition of vacuum.
Auto-pressure locking.
Auto identification for water and door level.
Anti-dry-heating system for the heater tube.
Electric-pressure safety device.
Auto breaking current when working pressure is over, auto discharging the pressure when it overloads.
Vacuum degree can be shown.

Outer Dimension 560*560*380
Working Dimension ø250*450
Sterilizing Temperature 132oC+2oC (0.19Mpa)
Vacuum Degree -0.06MPa
Vacuum Speed 2 minutes
Water Way Auto

1-2 air pumping & water infusion   2-3 heating   3-4 sterilizing    4-5 cooling     5-6 drying
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